We explore some common hair myths that we all have heard and debunk the lies

Hair Myths 101

Clean hair should squeak

Were you ever told to wash your hair until it was squeaky clean? It is common for a lot of people out there to believe if their hair squeaks it’s clean, unfortunately it signifies much more.


It has been over cleaned, stripped of its natural oils and damaged. Many traditional shampoos contain sodium laurel sulphate (SLS) and or ammonium lauryl sulphate (als) which are cleansing agents, not only found in shampoos but also detergents.

These chemicals can become quite problematic as they end up stripping your hair of natural oils. Davroe however will not allow your hair to squeak! We are sulphate free, gentle shampooing that doesn’t strip the hair of natural oils.

Dirty hair is better for styling

I maybe contradicting a lot of hairdressers out there but this is a pet hate of mine. To be honest something I have heard from many stylists over the years.

Please please please have clean dry hair for me. That’s all I ask.

If I need your hair dirty I have a multitude of products that can make it dirty. I feel like this was something hairdressers said years ago before we had access to so many amazing products and tools.

Trying to manipulate oily or dirty hair is hard work. Everyone’s opinion on day old hair or dirty hair is different but at the end of the day I can make your hair dirty if it’s too clean but Its near impossible to clean it if it’s too dirty. Follow my simple rule of… you know your hair better than anyone else, if you believe your hair behaves better washed the night before… do that. If you know your hair is better freshly washed… do that.


You shouldn’t wash your hair every day

I’m sure you’ve been told to only wash your hair every few days or maybe you’ve heard to wash it everyday?

Throw the rules away and pay attention to your hair. Wash your hair when it feels dirty, looks dirty or smells dirty. If your hair is oily at the roots, wash it. If your hair looks and feels clean but needs freshening a simple spray of water or Lemongrass detangler will do the trick.

(keep in mind shampoos with chemicals such as sulphates can dry hair out – Davroe products are Sulphate Free)

Hair spray is so 80’s

Over the past few years I’ve noticed a resistance to hairspray. Unfortunately I think the eighties may have freaked everyone out.

If you haven’t been using hairspray you need to get on to it!


It’s such a versatile must have product for me. The wrong hairspray can be quite scary however, stay away from sprays that make your hair stiff or that dry flaky.

I love using Davroe Ultimatum because it’s a non aerosol, this gives me loads of flexibility and control in the ways I use it. I spray it on my hands and scrunch into the hair, a light mist before curling, a heavy spray to set a style or a quick mist to finish. Remember hairspray shouldn’t leave your hair stiff, you should be able to brush through it.


Cutting your hair makes it grow faster

This is a difficult one, trimming your ends and keeping your hair healthy will result in less breakage and give you healthier hair. You will notice strong healthy hair growing faster than dry damaged hair.

Frequent trims = healthier hair = noticeable hair growth

Minimal hair trims = unhealthy hair = potential breakage and less visible hair growth.

If you pluck one grey hair two will grow back in its place

If this were true I’d be telling the world, the amount of people suffering hair loss would love this trick.

The truth is we cannot add to the number of hair follicles, so plucking one will not result in more hairs growing in that spot. This also applies for shaving your head, and even your leg hair. More hair doesn’t simply appear because we have removed it. We can’t physically change our hair growth by altering it on the surface.

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Janelle Zara is Creative Director at Davroe Hair Wellness and also has been a hair stylist for over 10 years