It’s not all fun and games at Davroe

As you may know, Davroe have been introduced into the U.S. market and so far the reception has been great!


So great that our CEO and Director have had some very important meetings to attend.
Lucky for them, the Team at Davroe HQ have been stepping up to the plate to make sure the products you love are ready for your hair!

There are many behind the scenes jobs to be done at Davroe HQ to keep the company running smoothly, so team members were allocated specialized areas to manage and run as efficiently as possible.

Efficiently packing and shipping goods

The staff in our warehouse had a brainstorming session and doubled their packing rate by packing two orders at once; what a great idea, lets pack them together!



We know it’s important that we keep on top of the latest fashion for the bosses while they’re away, what better way to do that than with Clique mag!


Keeping energy levels up around the office

Working the daily grind requires us to stay in peak physical form, what better way to get your 5 a day than Pizza!


In the lab

Our lab staff always have things under control, except when it comes to our creative director; when she gets in there she mixes up all kinds of magical new products.


Performing regular quality checks

What better way to test our products than on ourselves?


Keeping our finger on the pulse

Staying on top of the bosses e-mails is a job that requires keen skill and of course sitting at their desk.


 And, of course, we need to keep those pesky Pokemon outside


They always seem to appear in the wrong places! Don’t worry, we set them free outside 😉

As you can see, it’s a real team effort at Davroe HQ to ensure the natural, vegan and cruelty-free hair care you love makes it out to you on time

We’re pretty sure our Management have no internet coverage at the moment, and when they return we think their first question will be

‘Have you been working hard or hardly working?’

Think you can guess what our answer will be?

We hope you loved our guest blog! – The Davroe Team.

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