DAVROE – It’s the South Australian hair care brand that’s been around for over three decades. Your grandmother used it, your mum probably uses it and now you use it.

This week the South Australian Government held its first iChooseSA day and have asked us to celebrate businesses that are based and made in South Australia – DAVROE’s birthplace.

In focusing and celebrating this day it made us pause and look at the achievements of our company and brand.

Much like climbing a tall mountain,  sometimes you focus on climbing the peaks ahead. Without taking a moment you can miss the stunning view and landscapes behind you – things you have passed and been through along the way.

Now we know this all sounds nostalgic, but in hindsight there are many things as a company we are extremely proud of.

Davroe is 100% Australian formulated, blended and bottled all in SA and still family owned, and 100 percent vegan and Cruelty Free.  Our product delivers incredible results for your hair.


Davroe is a different product now from when this wonderful brand was started in 1987.  Back then Davroe was a small range of protein based products. In 2007, the formulations were changed to remove sulphates, parabens and petrochemicals, it was also the same time we removed animal and animal by-products, so we were also 100% vegan and cruelty free as we had never tested on animals.   Making it Australias first and most popular Natural based, cruelty free range of Salon Professional hair care products.

Since that time we have established a team of incredibly hard working Australians that work every day with the purpose to deliver the best products.

DAVROE have established a community of people that every day write to us with words of praise and support making us very proud of what we produce and what we have achieved.

“Many people are touched by DAVROE and always love to share their experiences with us, which is humbling and makes you feel that we have made a difference” – Mary Centofanti – Director

Over the years we have supported many charities, such as the Little Heroes Foundation, McGrath Foundation, Leukemia foundation, also grass roots sporting clubs, as well as fellow Australians that have required assistance and support through fundraising.

“Our involvement with New York Fashion Week this year was extremely exciting as we were the official hair brand for all the designers at Fashion Palette, NYFW.”

“Recently DAVROE entered the American market and the product is now available through the fashionable New York SoHo District as well as via Birchbox on-line, to us this is another example of Australian product being looked for and favoured on a world stage” – Mary



Australia is seen as a producer of quality products worldwide and we are very proud when we say we are 100% Australian made and Family owned.

Buying Australian products that are made here, employs Australians, which means we all have a brighter future.

Thank you for your support, you can learn a bit more about the Davroe Journey in this video