Designer Jaimie Sortino talks with Davroe

Jaimie sortino blog meets davroe

Last week saw our Director Mary and CEO John return from their recent overseas visit to New York and Hong Kong. Whilst they were in New York they had the pleasure of meeting up with one of Adelaide’s talented designers, Jaimie Sortino.

Jaimie was in New York for his trunk shows and exclusive viewings of a selection of his gorgeous gowns from his Hymn to the Flora collection, at Spina Bride.

And whilst everyone has now returned from New York, I was lucky enough to spend a bit of time with Jaimie and ask him some questions so we could feature him in this week’s Blog.

You first burst into the Fashion scene, back in 2010 after winning the Emerging Designer Award at Adelaide Fashion Festival, what lead you to enter the festival?

I had just dropped out of TAFE and was a bit lost where to go next and what to do as a platform. It was quite a last minute decision to enter. I made an 8 piece collection in about 2 weeks, shot & submitted it. It was the perfect platform to launch me and my brand into the fashion industry here.

How long were you designing before that

I had been designing for about 3 years before winning that award. Making different pieces for friends here and there.

You have had some wonderful collections, what was your inspiration for The Woodland Lights Collection?

The woodland Lights came about from spending a lot of reflective time near a pine forest near my home in the Adelaide hills, it was a tribute to the woods and the dusk time with the stars falling into the darkness.

Your recent collection “Hymn to the Flora” wow, what an experience attending your show! How does a collection like this come together, where do you start, and how long does it take from drawing to the runway?

A collection can take 6 months from the First sketch to fabrication to making a final piece. I am quite an organic designer in the way I will let ideas flow whether that is from a colour, a place I’ve travelled too or a theme. At the moment I am starting sketching from my trip to New York. I may draw up to 50 designs but then pull the right ones that tell the story. For me it’s a personal time, each piece is handcrafted art.

You have just returned from New York where you held trunk shows and exclusive viewings at Spina Bride, tell us a bit about how this collaboration came about?

Social media! It’s a great thing. Spina contacted me on Instagram about stocking exclusively in their west village store. We designed a 6 piece collection exclusive to New York and Spina. It’s been a year now and to go over and launch the new collection and meet new clients was really incredible.

How does the American bride differ from the Australian bride?  

American brides are very classic and modest but still a sexy side. The American bride loves to show off her beautiful shape with figure hugging, classic shapes. They are more traditional to Ivory tones as well. Australian brides are defiantly more open to expressing their own personality in fashion.

Jaimie sortino designs

A select group of celebrities have had the honour of wearing a beautiful Jaimie Sortino gown. Management makes contact with Jaimie either looking for a piece or a custom piece depending on the event. Delta Goodrem has been a great supporter of Jaimie from the beginning. Danni Minogue on the X Factor, Rhonda Burchmore and Kate Ceberano have also worn Jaime’s gowns.
This year also saw Jaimie make the gowns for the cast of Wicked, Lucy Durack, Jemma Rix, Amanda Harrison & Helen Dallimore. “Musical theatre artists are great to create with, as they understand the theatrical element of Couture” Jaimie said.

 Favourite fabrics that you like to work with and where do you source them from?

I have a signature silk satin which I use in every collection, which is defiantly a favourite. I source this exclusively from India. I also love creating embroidered fabrics it’s a great process and makes a piece a little more special.

Family and friends, how important is their support to you?  

They are a huge support to me, I am lucky to have a great support system of family and friends. Both in work and life, sometimes designing and fashion can be an isolating industry & to have friends that understand the demands of that is really important & also to bounce ideas off as well.

Tell us something about yourself that your clients wouldn’t know about? 

I have a huge sweet tooth! One way to bribe me is with anything sweet! Cake is always a winner!!

Where to from here for Jaimie Sortino? 

Right now focusing on my clients, that time of year! Weddings! while also working on a new bridal collection for New York & also working on the new Couture collection for release next year.

The great thing about this industry is something exciting always pops up! So who knows what is in store!

See more of Jaimie Sortino Designs on Instagram here