DAVROE – Fashion Palette New York


We are proud to announce that this year Davroe will be the official hair sponsor at New York Fashion Palette; the countdown is on!

Davroe had the privilege of joining Fashion Palette in New York in late 2016, and in Sydney earlier this year. We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to work with them once again, at an international level.

Our head office is in full swing preparing for a big two weeks in New York this September; we will be working with Fashion Palette to showcase our amazing products alongside the magnificent work of some of Australia’s best designers.

Fashion Palette is an Australian based company that prides themselves on displaying a variety of Australian designers on a world stage. The mix of fashion veterans and budding young talent gives many of them the unique opportunity to showcase their products in locations and at a level that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. They have hosted shows in Sydney since 2008, New York since 2010 and will be hosting their very first Dubai Fashion Palette in 2018!
Being the official hair sponsor gives us the chance to display our amazing products to an international audience; to show the American market that a natural, ethical product can be of the best quality.

We’ll be taking 10 talented stylists over with us to create two unique looks for the Fashion Palette runway, keep an eye on our social media platforms in the lead up to the show to find out who they are.

In the coming weeks we’ll also be announcing a special product to commemorate this amazing adventure, make sure you’re following our Instagram to find out more!


 Images Courtesy Getty Images