Mary, Telstra Business Woman of the Year Nominee

Since 1994 Telstra has been recognising exceptional woman in business by presenting them with the prestigious title of Telstra Business Woman of the Year. Inspiring women are nominated by other individuals, and those chosen as the finalists are displayed to the world, further elevating their achievements. This award works to highlight hardworking women and motivate all women to excel within their industries.

This year, our Director Mary has been nominated for this award, and today we spoke about what this means to her.

How did it feel when you were nominated?

I was quite shocked, I don’t tend to actively seek awards like this. I was nominated by two very successful business women, which I thought was incredible, both of whom urged me to complete the process despite its somewhat arduous length. To me, a nomination for Telstra’s Business Woman of the Year is highly prestigious; being acknowledged by your peers – specifically other outstanding women – is a great thing, just being associated with them is amazing and very motivating.

Why do you think your story is so motivational? 

I don’t often think of my story as overly inspirational, I’ve always focused on getting in there and doing the work that needs to be done for the good of the company. That being said, while filling out my application I got the opportunity to reflect on my journey, on the impact I’ve personally had on the business world, and can see how far I’ve come. When I started at the young age of 15 I was just interested in working and loved the product, I was eager to learn from the get go, always asking questions and sitting in on lunches with my boss; I think I was always going to end up as something bigger than just the receptionist. When people look at where I am now, they tell me that I remind them of Remington’s 1979 ad, in which the owner Victor Kiam says ‘I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company,’ and I think that is very true for me.  Video

What qualities do you find inspiring in a woman?

For me, strength, and conviction, as a way of getting things done, are vital, along with the perseverance and determination to give things a go. These are important to me as they are the qualities I strive to maintain and nurture within myself and others, no matter what position I’m in.

Congratulations Mary, we are so proud of this achievement!
Check  in late August to see this year’s inspiring women in business.