We Know What You Did To Your Hair Last Summer


When it comes to summer, a slapdash approach will only set you up for follicle failure. We don’t want a repeat of seasons past and then have you wonder why your hair is not in the state that it should be.

With your holidays well underway there is still time to make some tweaks to your routine. At the moment it may just consist of daily ocean dips, while soaking up some much needed vitamin D, followed by a quick wash and blow dry before heading out again. We suspect that you haven’t really given your hair much thought.


Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered with our Summer Rescue Guide – NOW is the time to breathe some life back into your hair


1. Luxe Leave – In Masque

Let’s be honest we know you didn’t forget to pack sunscreen on your last visit to the beach – so why is it when it comes to our hair we don’t provide the much needed protection and care that it deserves? Just like your skin, your hair can take on the effects of UV rays – this can cause your hair to become dry, brittle, frayed and stall the future growth of your hair.

We recommend before heading out for the day at the beach, pool, or other outdoor activity to simply apply a small amount of our Luxe Leave-In Masque into wet or dry hair. This life saving product penetrates the hair immediately to form a non-oily barrier to guard against environmental elements. This triple UV protection masque will leave your hair feeling silky smooth, while adding extra moisture.

Tip: We recommend always applying to your hair before swimming to prevent chlorine build up and greening.
2. Argan Oil

Our perfect little travel companion designed for all hair types as an instant moisture treatment without the greasiness. Unlike other argan oils available, our clear formula is great for blonds as it doesn’t leave a yellow tinge. This instant treatment is a great way to give your hair that weightless healthy holiday glow.

3. Straightening Balm

We know it can be hard to keep every hair in line, particularly for all those trekking to the northern parts of Australia this summer. Many of you may not be used to the humidity that comes with the season.  When there’s moisture in the air, I think we all stress about how our hair will look the moment we step outside. The ultimate dream in this instance is for our hair to stay relaxed and frizz free. Our solution to your problem is our Straightening Balm, which has been designed to repel moisture and humidity, which will leave your hair silky smooth and beautiful – just the way you intended it to look.


4. Rebuilder & Replenish

If there were ever two products made for each other it’s our Rebuilder and Replenish. When your hair starts to feel like it needs a little extra TLC, we recommend using a combination of these two products.

Rebuilder Protein Hair Reconstructor: Instantly rebuilds damaged hair, while restoring strength, body and shine.

Replenish Jojobaba Crème Treatment: works from the inside out to help strengthen, repair, provide silkiness and shine to the hair using pure plant extracts and strengthening rice proteins.

You can get both of these products in the NEW LET ME SHARE A SECRET TREATMENT PACK

Tip: After shampooing, towel dry your hair and apply Rebuilder from roots to ends. Leave in for 5 – 10 minutes then rinse well, follow same steps with Replenish, don’t forget to finish with your conditioner – this will help close your hair cuticle and lock in all that moisture from your treatment.


5. Ends Repair

There’s nothing worse than looking down and seeing those pesky frayed strands that leave your hair looking scruffy and damaged with a halo of unwelcome frizz. We all know how to get rid of them – book a haircut, now – but until you’re safely in the salon chair, here’s how to improve their appearance as much as possible, and help prevent them coming back.

Our Ends Repair is much more than what the name suggests, it protects and seals the cuticle to illuminate and soften your hair. While the rice and wheat proteins will strengthen and smooth your hair, locking in moisture and colour whilst protecting your hair against UV damage.

Tip: Our travel size is perfect to pop in your bag to top up when you feel like you need a little moisture boost.


We hope this ‘Rescue Guide’ has taken you one step closer to a flawless
summer glow you can be proud of!

Team Davroe