So You Just Spent $250+ On Your Salon Hair Colour – Here’s How To Make It Last


When we’re paying top dollar for something, you better believe we want to be getting our money’s worth.

Take our hair for instance, we grasp the theory that we’re willing to spend our money on a quality job because we wear our hair every day; so it’s clearly an investment right?

As much as we cling to this idea, there is something heartbreaking about the thought of washing our hair for the first time after a service – are we just undoing all that good work? Although for some people this might be the case; we’ve got some tips that can help you hold onto that colour a little longer.

Moisture loss and dryness are common after-effects when colouring your hair. Hydrating your hair with conditioning treatments and using a Shampoo and Conditioner with Colour Protect Complex, will ensure you maintain the best possible condition of your hair.

All our Davroe products including the shampoos and conditioners are sulphate, paraben and petrochemical free. This simply means that when you wash your hair, the unique formula will remove impurities such as, product build up, without striping your hair or removing your natural oils and colour.

Our Davroe shampoos and conditioners also include our unique Colour Protect Complex. The (CPC) formula is designed to protect, enhance and prevent colour fade; this will help to ensure that your colour will last longer between salon visits.

Davroe ColourProtectComplex


At Davroe this is why we emphasise the importance of using our Salon Quality products, because we choose to make your hair our priority! We want you to always feel your best and for us, this begins with your hair.


While it’s important to use chemical free shampoos and conditioners it’s also very important to turn a treatment into your ‘me-time’ haircare routine. Using our Replenish jojoba crème treatment at least once every couple of weeks will not only help you maintain your lush new colour, but it will help restore, condition and provide shine to even the most damaged hair.

Rebuilder is also a great option for our hair as well – we suggest using this before a chemical service as it will help add strength and protection.

These two amazing products are from Davroe Treatment range, you can check out the rest of the Treatment range here > Davroe Treatment Range.

You can also find the complete range of Davroe Senses Shampoo and conditioner with Colour Protect Complex on our website by clicking here > Davroe Senses Range

Davroe Senses Range

Not only will these tips allow you to keep your colour looking vibrant for longer, but will also leave your hair feeling much stronger and healthier.