DAVROE Argan Oil: Why You Need It In Your Life

Davroe Argan Oil and why you need it

DAVROE Argan Oil: Why You Need It In Your Life

Shining the spotlight on Davroe Argan Oil

If you asked us to list all the reasons you need DAVROE Argan Oil, we’d be here all day. The styling and heating tools we often use, along with day-to-day environmental damage that often goes unnoticed, can leave our hair a little lack lustre. What seems like a little bit of damage here and there adds up, fast; when this happens the best we can do is prevent further damage and add hydration to repair the hair. While many of our products are essential for healthy hair, today we’re focussing on the benefits of Argan Oil. It’s a product that can be easily overlooked.

Around the world, Argan Oil is often dubbed ‘liquid gold’ for its amazing qualities, it’s not so easy to get your hands on, either. It’s produced through the laborious and time consuming process of cold pressing to extract the oil from the Argan seed, this is what makes it one of the most expensive oils in the world. While this means it’s often sold in small bottles, the good news is a little goes a very long way and the results are noticeable instantly. All you need to do is warm up 1-2 pumps in the palm of your hand and work it through damp or dry hair that needs a little extra love– we love mixing Argan Oil with Ends Repair to eliminate frizz for soft, silky hair.

Davroe Argan Oil is extremely light weight, hydrating, reparative and has long lasting effects. With a silky smooth texture, it is formulated to restore moisture and shine without leaving the hair feel greasy or heavy – making it perfect for any and all hair types.

Why You Need Davroe Argan Oil:

1. It’s all about hydration

The organic oil, cold pressed directly from the Argan seed, is what makes the product such an incredible source of hydration for the hair. It acts as an instant treatment by moisturising and softening your hair to leave it silky and protected against the elements.

2. It is a natural based formula

Which helps to makes it light weight and means it doesn’t build up on your hair like heavier alternatives. For normal and oily hair types, a little applied to damp hair will be plenty, but if you have thicker locks that need more of a boost you can layer it up on wet or dry hair.

3. There are no petrochemicals, parabens or sulphates.

So it won’t leave behind any nasties to irritate the scalp, dry out the hair or speed up colour fade.

4. There are no artificial colours

DAVROE Argan Oil contains Pure, high quality Argan oil which is clear and free of impurities. This makes it the perfect product for all hair types including greys and blondes as it won’t discolour the hair or leave an artificial yellow tinge.

5. Argan Oil It contains many beneficial nutrients

Argan Oil is Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, which have a variety of positive effects on the hair including: increased elasticity, prevention of splitting and breakage, and constant restoration of life to dull, weak hair.

So now that you can’t get your hands on it fast enough, shop Argan Oil here or at your local Davroe stockist – contact us to find yours.


Photo Credit @thehappyorganicgirl