Meet The Game Changing DAVROE Products Your Strands Will Love!

Meet The Game Changing DAVROE Products Your Strands Will Love!_NL

Do you remember the last time you were introduced to something that you wish you had known about 10 years ago – It’s a great feeling right?

We understand that sometimes life can get complicated, so when we discover something life changing that can make our day that much sweeter we like to embrace it.

Essentially our aim today is to make your life a lot easier by helping you create a hair regime that will make your hair look and feel that much healthier. It’s time to give you the inside scoop into some of Davroes best products, ‘The Game Changers’ if you will.

Davroe Replenish

Davroe RebuilderReplenish & Rebuilder

Think of it like this when a plant starts to look a little limp, generally it means it needs water, before it dries out to the point where the leaves start to drop off. This goes for our hair, ideally we want to keep it hydrated otherwise once the moisture is gone your hair will become lifeless and show signs of slit ends or breakage. Nobody wants this, that’s why it’s important to maintain your treatments.

A combination of the Davroe Replenish and Rebuilder every couple of weeks will help you maintain that much needed moisture that your hair is calling out for!

Replenish Jojobaba Crème Treatment works from the inside out to help strengthen, repair, provide silkiness and shine to the hair using pure plant extracts and strengthening rice proteins.

Rebuilder Protein Hair Reconstructor Instantly rebuilds damaged hair, while restoring strength, body and shine.

Davroe Ends Repair BlogEnds Repair

There’s nothing worse than looking down and seeing those pesky frayed strands that leave your hair looking scruffy and damaged with a halo of unwelcome frizz. We all know how to get rid of them – book a haircut, now – but until you’re safely in the salon chair, here’s how to improve their appearance as much as possible, and help prevent them coming back.

Our Ends Repair is much more than what the name suggests, it protects and seals the cuticle to illuminate and soften your hair.

While the rice and wheat proteins will strengthen and smooth your hair, locking in moisture and colour whilst protecting your hair against UV damage.

Davoe Argan OilDAVROE Argan Oil

If you think your hair doesn’t need argan oil, think again. This product is like an instant moisture treatment without the greasiness. Unlike other argan oils available, DAVROE Argan Oil doesn’t leave a coating on the hair and it has triple effect, which create a weightless, healthy shine with added moisture benefits.

Our clear formula also makes it a great alternative for blonds as it doesn’t discolour the hair.

Davroe ThermaprotectThermaprotect

If you use hot styling tools on a regular basis then this one is definitely for you. Our Davroe Thermaprotect Spray will add a protective layer on each strand which will repel heat up to 230 degrees. This can be sprayed onto damp or wet hair

Pro tip: make sure that your hair is completely dry before you do use any styling tools.


So what are you waiting for, your Game Changing Products await you! 

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