DAVROE Thermaprotect delivers on heat protection

Prevention is better than cure!

Give your hair the ultimate protection from heat styling.

Any hair care expert will tell you that in order to prevent hair from becoming damaged and broken, it is crucial to apply a heat protectant spray, like Davroe Thermaprotect.

If you style your hair daily with a blow dryer or curling iron, your hair needs protection from heat damage. Davroe Thermaprotect will protect your hair from heat damage, without weighing it down.

What Does DAVROE Thermaprotect do ?

• Protects hair against heat up to 230 degrees
• Prevents hair from splitting
• Helps retain moisture in the hair
• Can also be used as a light setting lotion

It is suitable for Everyone that uses heat styling tools on their hair.

“This is the best way to keep your hair in optimum shape and to prevent damage.”

Whether it’s just a quick blow-dry or using the straightening iron, your hair needs to be protected before using any heat styling tool including hot rollers and tongs.

How to use DAVROE Thermaprotect

Spray Thermaprotect directly into wet hair before styling and blowdrying.

The amount required depends on the length and thickness of the hair.

It can be sprayed onto dry hair, do not over saturate as direct heat must not be applied to damp or wet hair.

Natural Ingredients In DAVROE Thermaprotect

Gingko Biloba and Chamomile to deliver  fantastic long lasting protection.