Our Head’s (Still) in the Clouds

Almost six months ago we released one of our top sellers and the Cloud of excitement still hasn’t settled.

Want that instant blowout look without having to maneuver you way around a barrel brush? Look no further than this little bottle of magic dust!

We love that cloud is light enough that it can be layered, if you decide you want a little extra volume, without clumping your hair together and turning it into a birds nest!

Cloud is our answer to a weightless styling powder, it adds volume and texture to your hair without weighing it down. We’ve designed cloud to add texture, body and movement to your style while maintaining lasting hold.

Feel like you’ve used too much? No problems, just spray a little Tame Detangler and you’ll be able to work the Cloud into the hair and soften the texture. That’s why Cloud is such a favorite with our backstage stylists!

Cloud is all you need for an instant injection of volume. Grab yours now here!