Voluminous Spray

$10.95$24.95 add to bag
  • Pumps up the volume
  • Use as root spray for optimum volume
  • Alcohol free
  • Can be used as a texturises on long locks
Davroe_MurrayRiverSaltSprayDAVROE-Ingredient-Natures-Active-murray river salt 1080x1080

Murray River Sea Salt Spray

$24.95 add to bag

200ml Spray –

Unlike any other salt spray, this lightweight spray gently infuses hair with a beach feel. It brings out natural body and enhances curl for an effortless windswept texture.

  • Murray River Salt Spray with Kangaroo Apple extract adds texture without drying out your hair
  • Brings out natural body and enhances curl for effortless, wind styled texture
  • Scrunch and air dry for beach waves
  • Blowdry for voluminous locks


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